Although tea is a traditional product, we always look for innovation in taste, package design, and other areas of business. For example, we produced the first Polish tea in a round teabag, as well as satchel tea with double-chambered teabags. Our broad range of teas is carefully tested by global-level Sri Lankan tea expert J.A. Devendra in order to check and improve all flavors.

If you are interested in having private label tea, we can offer a number of different options:

We can be a strategic partner for the production of black, green, fruit, and herbal tea.

We can create new tea recipes to expand your current product range.

We can use your or our own raw materials.

We can offer an all-in experience, meaning we will take care of the entire private label process, from brand creation to product delivery to your warehouse.

We score in both our own and private label tea production services, and are committed to providing quality services to recognized domestic and international retailers, brands, and companies. We use production plants in Gniezno (Poland), Riga (Latvia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), and Delhi (India) for private label tea manufacturing.


Production capabilities:

Packaging capabilities:

Loose tea in a box

with foil bag inside

Loose tea in a box

with foil-covered paper layer, with or without window cut

Loose tea in zip doypack

Loose tea in foil bag

Tea bag box

with between 20 and 120 teabags inside

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