High-quality tea from reliable suppliers.

This product line has been created to offer high-quality tea for mainstream segments of export markets. The modern and stylish box establishes the clear identity of the brand. Convenient packaging makes for easy opening, and stores double-chamber teabags. Enjoy Posti Premium tea at any time of the day: green tea in the morning, black tea after lunch, and herbal or fruit tea before bedtime.

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Tea with a long history

The history of the POSTI brand began in 1953 with Indian Yunnan, Madras loose-leaf tea. In 1968, POSTI tea offered the very first round teabags in the Polish market. Since 1977, thanks to the POSTI brand, Polish people can enjoy real British Earl Gray. In the ’80s, POSTI introduced fruit teas; in 1997, we began offering natural herbal teas. Now you can choose your favorite POSTI tea and learn everything about it!

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Best budget class tea for any export market.

Ours is a first-choice tea for any market due to the incredibly low price that we can offer for you. Convenient loose-leaf tea packaging grants easy opening and various storage possibilities. The intensive color of the packaging allows it to be noticed even on the lower shelves of a shop.

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Tea that has a loyal buyer

According to Nielsen, MOZUMS tea is one of the three biggest tea brands in Latvia, and basically shares the market with only Greenfield and Lipton. MOZUMS can offer a wide assortment of teas ranging from economy segment to classic ones, from green and black to fruit and herbal.

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Classic taste and aroma

The JFK Indian instant coffee is associated with real Indian instant coffee. It has a recognizable flavor with a pleasant, spicy and slightly bitter taste, as well as stable quality that lasts for years.

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Number 1 meat pâté in Europe*

With its delicious flavours Argeta can impress the pickiest foodies and as it contains only carefully selected ingredients and no additives even the most demanding ones.


Real Ceylon tea

Associated with quality, consistency, and value for well over two centuries, Ceylon tea is a household staple in homes around the world. With hundreds of available flavors, IMPRA tea ensures that each one of your consumers will find something that suits their individual requirements.

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Greetings from the garden of fruits!

This is pure fruit tea in its finest form. All FRUIT GARDEN teas equally induce the senses of sight, smell, and taste. The combination of rich color with the strong and clean taste guarantees a real experience for all fruit tea lovers. FRUIT GARDEN is designed for those who appreciate good fruit tea.

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Authentic coffee from Indian plantations

One of India's largest and favorite coffee brands, this label offers 100% pure and natural instant coffee made from the finest types of coffee beans. You can choose from classic instant coffee or premium granulated Indian coffee.

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Cake Stuff, helping you bake it better.

Products range form Deco Republic combine powdered sugar and lustre powders to use in and on baked goods.

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