An enviable reputation and personal attention have helped us to create very strong connections with the largest tea exporters.

We import thousands of tons of tea each year. We have purchase offices in all countries and regions that specialize in the cultivation of tea, including Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), China, and Kenya. We work only with reliable and trusted suppliers with plenty of experience (100-150 years). This way, we are able to ensure the freshness of our raw materials and the stability of our supply, regardless of the situation in a particular region.

Our main export destinations are EU countries, USA, Russia, and the Middle East.

Customs regulations differ from country to country, and might pose challenges for international trade. However, you can remain confident about customs clearance when working with us. We specialize in FMCG global trade and will provide you with reliable and consistent services related to tariff classifications, value declaration, duty management, etc. All our employees are qualified, specialized, and have many years of experience. This allows us to focus on progress – both yours and ours.


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